Augmented Reality, “Her”, and the Story of You


The amount of time virtual world today consumes in our lives, it is no wonder that augmented reality is the next big thing.

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tumblr_my58njS7rs1seyhpmo1_1280Her pixel art by QuickHoney

Her is a story about people-centric technology. Spike Jonze shows us a near future where it’s all about you. This is our new Augmented Reality (AR), and it’s not science fiction.

I’ve been working with AR as a PhD researcher and designer for the past decade. The second wave of AR will surpass the current gimmickry and extend our human capacities to better understand, engage with, and experience our world in new ways. It will be human-centered and help to make our lives better. Driven by the one thing that is central and unique to AR – context – our devices will be highly cognizant of our constantly changing environments continually deciphering, translating, analyzing, and navigating to anticipate our specific needs, predicting and delivering personalized solutions with highly relevant content and experiences. Our smart devices will act on our behalf. This next wave of AR…

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Wall Made of Glass

I was sitting inside. Inside a room. Room made of walls. And walls made of glass.
She stood outside. Looking at me inside. Looking inside the walls made of glass.
She waved. I waved. She smiled. I smiled. But there was a seperation made by the glass.
She opened her lips. She tried to speak. But there was a distance inbetween made by the glass.
Her lips trembled. Lips tried to open up. Lips wanting to say, “come out, hold me now, i’m scared.”
But  her voice didn’t arrive. I sat there and just stared.
Because i was sitting in a room. Room made of walls. And walls made of glass.

Not a Valentine’s Day Poem

I sip the fifth coffee of this morning. It is seethe.
The vapour coming from the cup touches my cheek.
Makes my skin pores open up, face starts to breathe.
Chances of the infant sunlight to fight clouds is bleak.

The rain drop sits comfortably on the front glass.
I don’t turn on wiper, let it sleep and rest for longer.
It is fat, all so watery. Opacity of windshield it has.
But as the time moves, sunlight gets stronger.

There. Right there. It is there. Infront of us all.
I turn around happily, hoping someone saw it too.
The sunlight pierced the cloud. On the soil it will fall.
But not one person cared. Everyone has “work” to do.

It’s a shame, how people selling hearts roses and flowers,
And people buying them all, together, to show their love,
Do not have the time or ability to  love what nature showers.
Just now, a miracle took place. No one saw it. Its money they shove.

I ignite the engine, break the water droplets sleep. I feel the luckiest, as only I got the chance to feel. The rampage of rain, the dribbles of drops, the whistle of wind and the sound of silences. I fall in love, each day, each moment, with some magic around me. The magic could be as small as the sunlight who got to break out of the clouds, or as big as a woman, somewhere, sometime, somehow, in this huge planet, reads this, and shares the same love with me. The thing is, you will never know when the magic is happening. It is a process. It is a belief. That the big guy up there, is one hell of a trickster.

Take care. Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dragons I Hide

The feeling sunk in, it cascaded over me,

As the rain drops hit my face, while I bled my knee.

My dragons picked me up, took me to the sky,

The mighty beast was flying high.

I rose up, stood on the dragons back,

Fought for my people, brought light from the black.

Never could fall down in their eyes,

Couldnt bear to hear their painful cries.


I had to let myself go,

To my family, I show,

There is no me in me,

Its we, who stick together, its we.

Fight Of A Candle

I was young, future seemed far, so far,
I was young, and the future was far.
Things were simple, and life was a bliss,
No fire to light me up, just my lover’s kiss.
I was okay, I was alright,
Closed my eyes, each ‘n’ every night.

I was young, and the future seemed far,
I was simple, easy, ‘n’ future seemed far.

But one bad spark lit fire in my world,
My hair caught fire, my hair that were curled.
The future had come, it was never too far,
I was never too young, and this was a war.

The wax on my body started falling down,
There was fire everywhere, all over my town.
My friends and my love, were all taken away,
Hit hard, unconscious for days on the path, I lay.

Today I stand here in cold winter, with a poor man,
No knowledge whatsoever about the rest of my clan.
Nights have faded, but the fire in me, that still exists,
Melts every drop of my body, make my body get twists.

My future is now, so give me reasons to believe,
To stay awake while my fire dims, I begin to grieve.
What can a candle fight, its just a candle of wax,
Candle that keeps the poor man up. But itself vanishes in blacks.

Give me reason to believe, that my fight wasn’t in vain,
That the poor man shall live happy, and not in cold nights,not in pain.
Future became present, present turned into past,
I was young, life was easy, but a candle dies fast.

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No Title.

The reason why there is no title for this post is because that is exactly how life seems to be at this point of time.
Past 6 months? They have ridiculed me, tortured me, just few gestures of happiness. Its all been a crime.

May ’13. As soon as the month ended, life took a wrong turn. Things changed. A lot. I swear,  ’twas a bad turn.
First, a 3 and half year love ended in 3 hours. Then grandfather to whom I gave blood, ended up in an urn.

Things were a mess, plenty of stress, things became intense. When to make it worse, health went down.
Had an accident. Displaced 3 discs from spine. Pills became pals. Face now always has a frown.

But good was there, not far away. Recieved my scores from the university. Oh yes it was good.
However, the one person I wanted to share it with, wasn’t there. Everything went down under hood.

I need to thank one person here. My teacher. Whom I met after more than half a decade, she is the closest friend now.
Handling me. Taking drinks away from hands. Bringing me back to life. Its only fate, otherwise after 6 years, I met her how?

Things were finally getting better, it felt the pain was going to fade away really soon.
Until just 2 days back, my best friend had to leave me. Issues. Now everything looks like a prune.

There is anger inside. There is pain. There is fire. There is so much more angst. Nothing is at peace.
I guess this is life. It gives happiness. It gives laughter. But for that to come, there is this fees.

Luck seems to have gone away since May ‘ 2013. 6 months have been a hell.
Waiting eagerly for 2014. Waiting to hear the Christmas. The  jingle bell.

High-way or my way! Either way! :D

Ganja babe! :D

“Ganja babe!” – The SongMy very own lovely dick head brothers :D Love you men!My very own lovely dick head brothers :D Love you men!

Self introspection session! :P Always happens with this guy.

Self introspection session! :P
Always happens with this guy.

These pics were from quite a few weeks ago. We were supposed to go on a road trip to visit Delhi’s historical monuments like Qutab Minar, Humayun’s tomb, Red Fort. Instead, where were we?

Riding all the roads of Delhi, high on all sorts of fun! Had all sorts of food from all the corners of Delhi, hoping our stomach remains as good as Lord gave us! :P

After we couldn't control the head spinning @_@

After we couldn’t control the head spinning @_@

Fun fun day!! Thanks guys, for helping me get over the crap I am still into. Next few stops on the “hit it on the road” list:
1. Murthal
2. World’s of Wonder (though I don’t wanna go. Old memories about ex.)
3. Agra
4. Mathura
5. Amritsar
6. Finally Vegas maybe :D :P

That's how we do it!!

That’s how we do it!!

And this time, Kartikeya and Lakshit, some decent food guys. Last time you know what happened at Anand Vihar when you know what we did while we were with Akshay :P

*Ahem Ahem* Do not make me advance any further and let it remain mild while everything is visible under the moonshine. XD

Still sobre! :P

Still sobre

Lost somewhere in Delhi, where we are born and lived all through our lives!

Lost somewhere in Delhi, where we are born and lived all through our lives!

Classic Lakshit

Classic Lakshit Pant