Crazy Stupid Love!

So! Having problems understanding what your girlfriend wants? Can’t figure out what her words actually mean? OR!! Cant telepathically determine what is going on in her heart?

Here is the place to — wait a second! I don’t have any solutions myself ! 😀

Rather, here is the place to discuss what are the different problems we guys face!

Here are two text twisters for you!! Tell your friends to reach out to this place! Excited to post more helps!

One day after a fight with your girlfriend, and after everything was settled between you two, (atleast what you thought was settled!) ,  you text her , ” Hey! How are you? “. She replies “Fine! “. But was she really fine?

NOW! Here is the trap! Whenever the girl says she is ” Fine! ” , she’s NOT fine! For her, the things are NOT settled! You might have planted a kiss on her cheek after the sorry, you might have said ” I love you alot! This wont happen again..Blah blah! “. BUT the things were still not settled with her. Remember, just a fine means she is still upset with you!

Now what is the solution?

Well, nothing actually.. There is nothing much you can do. Just hug her. Tell her you love her. Do NOT try to get physically intimate, but YES KISS her! Give her some more time and space..

If everything goes fine, your girl will be back to normal within next 5 hours!

Now, next texty trap!

Your text : “Hi!”

  Her text    : ” Hi”

Now. See the difference? Minute, but still major! The difference is the exclamation mark!

You sent her ” Hi ! ”

She replied with : “Hi”.

What does this mean? This means that your girl is having some problem which she expects you to know from the telepathic power God refused to give you!!

What do you do?

Just to confirm that something is wrong, just send another confirmation text!

You : ” How’re you doin baby/hottie/sexy/whatever you prefer ? ”

If she sends : ” M k.” Or ” M f9 ” Or ” Ok” Or something as plain and simple, there is the sign that she is NOT FINE, she is NOT OK, she is NOT GOOD!!

Now the solution.

You need to handle this solution very delicately! Remember! Not to show that you are great in your life!

What you can text her is : ” You don’t seem fine! C’mon! Now your’e going to hide stuff from me? Me? I love you and you think I do not read your heart?  Tell me what it is? ”

There! She would blurt out all that is in her mind and heart!

Support her! Show your affection..Be with her!

NOTE : She might not speak out whats in her mind at once! But try to put some pressure ( too much pressure too can be dangerous! )

But there might be a 2% chance that your girlfriend is from some other planet and this text twister does not apply on her!!

There you go! God just blessed you with telepathy!

You will understand her texts better!

Remember, anything unusual means there lies a problem in her head!

Waiting for response 🙂

P.S. ” Love is like war! Easy to begin but difficult to stop! ”

Think and do leave a comment!
Take care! 🙂

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