“B.Tech admissions” – Moment of Life and Death for Engineers!

Finally I got through ONE engineering college! It was 1 am when I received a call from my girlfriend, ” PRABHAAAAASSS!!! You got through Jamia!!! ” I couldn’t believe what she said! After 5 months of failure, could there be a moment of joy? Finally? I quickly closed all my tabs from Facebook and other ” not-so-important-stuff” and typed www.jamiahamdard.edu to check out if I had really made it! And there it was! Roll number 18879! That 5-digit number was me! I got through an engineering college. I scrolled down only to realize that not only did I make it into an engineering college, but also got the subjects of my choice that too in Delhi as well! Suddenly the sun started shining upon me at 1 in the night!
First thing I did? Again logged on to my Facebook page and sent a notification to all my friends about my moment of success! After that I dialled my uncle’s number, waking him up from his slumber and crying out loud ” Chacha! I did it! I got through Jamia! I am going to be an engineer! ”
Finally I realized that I hadn’t told my parents yet! The next thing I remember is my whole family up by 1:45 am in the night, with big bright smiles upon their faces! Tiwari’s had finally produced an engineer! First engineer! Boy! What a proud feeling that was! Adrenaline rushed all over me, and mind stopped working! I took out my cell phone, dialled a 10-digit number and cried, ” yes! yes! yes!! Yes I did it! And I love you a lot! Your boyfriend is not going out of Delhi anymore and 4 years later, this boy would be an engineer! “. Yes! That was my girlfriend. But what I realized on turning around was the faces of my parents!! Did I just used the 3 letter sentence in front of them? I really did!
But that did not seem to be a matter to anyone!
Another middle class family lit up at 2 am to figure out that after 4 years, their lives would be changed! An engineer would come out of the womb of a nationally credited A-grade university from Delhi itself! Everything was too small in front of that, even ILY!
Today when my father and mother meet one of their colleagues or old friends, their chest proudly swell to speak out “ humara beta engineering kar raha hai! Jamia se! ” ( Our son is pursuing his engineering from Jamia! ). And that is the moment I tell myself, “yes, i was no fool! I did make my parents proud finally. After series of failures in IIT AIEEE GGSIPU JMI, my time did come at last! ”
For any aspiring engineer, the day of his call at an engineering college is the best day of his life ( or should I say best night in my case! )

Love you papa, mummy and P for being there and supporting me. For believing in me!
Take care all! Signing out! B’bye!


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