Life Or Principles?

Life and principles. The two words are often holding each others hands.

Every one’s life would have a few principles. In fact, since early childhood we hear the phrase : “this is the principle of my life…”

Why do we need principles in our already messed up lives? What is this principle? Isn’t it just a way to define some discipline in our own life? But then why should we have discipline in life? When there are so many rules already been set up on our head?

What is life?

The most common answer :  “Its a path or journey to achieve something we desire. To get what we want. To fulfill what we aspire throughout the journey. To get that, we must have some discipline. We must have some principles to bind ourselves to help us concentrate or be focused on the aim ”

The question is  : ” Why so serious?? ”

Don’t we know that this is one life? This is the only chance we have got.

Should we enjoy every moment of it or should we focus on the path we have decided to follow?

And who made these paths for us? – Our own parents, grandparents and ancestors.

There is a quarrel always going on in me – mind vs heart.

Mind tells us to follow the path. Continue the journey with proper focus and discipline. To follow the rules and regulations. To follow the timetable. To do what your parents, teachers, elders and the whole world tells you to do.

Mind asks you to make a few principles. ” Do not drink. Do not smoke. Do not cry. Do not ask for help. Do not give up. Do not fall to pain. Do not let go even if you’re in pain. This is one life, make it worthwhile ”

Heart tells a different story. Heart says this is one life. Live it to the fullest. Tell the world : “fuck off! “. Stop caring about the rules set about others. Life conviniently, and happily. Do not stress your own life and cause yourself pain. Do not suffer  anguish either. Live life king size.

Where, the life of mind seems full of hardwork, persiverence and struggle, it pays back in the form of success to what you wanted.

And heart’s life gives you joy, happiness… Allows you to do what you always wanted to. Keeps you aways from the shakles of discipline. However it does not promise you a bright future. It doesnt ensure you that life would be as simple as always.

So what should be the life like?

Should we have discilpine or free-lancer freedom?
Question is for you!
Think and do answer! 🙂
Take care!


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