What do you do?

There are times when you are at a fork in life. You are unsure what path to take, which way would it be the right way. Do I have the strength to walk on it? Or should I follow what other’s experience tells me? According to me, there is no such thing is choosing a path. Which means there was never that fork in the path. Most of the times, we all try to make things way too complex than what we can handle. So many times we are doing things the right way, and then suddenly, whoosh! There comes a wave that turns around everything! The sign board that read ” right path towards your -> ” suddenly turns around with this wind to now read “right path towards you <- “. What is this wind that makes us confuse with our own decisions? Its nothing but a brain trick. Actually, we always have a second chance to walk on the other path, until it’s a question of life and death, which usually isn’t! What i think is we must keep on walking on the path we were earlier walking on, and note down what other options we came across in life. And when everything is done and we have reached our destination, we can always analyse the other options and then decide if it would be viable and sensible to walk on that path back again. If heart and brain both speak the same words then go for it, otherwise go for what your heart speaks. Why heart and not brain? Because brain decides something for us only with a small *conditions apply. And that condition is you won’t be able to have peace within. Just look back till now, and pen down the decisions you took from brain. Were they not hard to take? Were you a peace after taking it? Did you not rethink over a million times to do what brain said? But what heart does is removes this heavy feeling in chest. Once decision taken, it will never bless you with tensions. And another reason for listening o heart at this point is you have already achieved what you wanted. Now you are just walking back down on your path, looking for any de-tour, if it was possible! So there you go! There wasn’t really a fork pricking you to decide either once of the walks that you’d remember! There is always a second chance. There is no need to take things with too much pressure! Just keep walking, reach your destination and then fondle with the other options you came across! Would like to quote Chetan Bhagat’s words @Symbiosis University sometime back : ” Life is not meant to be taken seriously as our existence is merely a temporary business. So dont be serious, but sincere! ” Take care all and have a great time ahead! 🙂

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