Age Of Music!

What do you see the difference between all these years in yourself?
From a single teeth to a grown person with 32 teeth?
From those weak little fingers to palm as big to hold some other baby’s little fingers?
Or perhaps tight belly to a huge paunch there, full of  McDonald’s and Domino’s! 😀
But we often miss a small yet huge part of our growing up. Yes yes, you smarty pants, you read the title! Its music! We never realize that with each passing birthday celebrations, we tend to grow up with the kind of music we prefer listening. However this change is so subtle that we often do not realize it! Its like last month you cut your hair, and without any notice they are back to same length again!
Remember what music we used to hear when we just started comprehending stuff? “Rudolph the red-nosed rain-deer” ! Even “Jack and Jill ” .. Yes these were the nursery rhymes at that time, but they were still music to our ears! Who realized that time that these tunes were supposed to teach us something?
Winds changed, we grew up and so did the music!
From “a, b,c, d … ” we grew up to Hindi tracks like “lalla lalla lori” “nanna munna rahi hun” and so on..
Yet few more birthdays and the tracks changed to the Bollywood soundtracks! “Tum toh thehre pardesi” was a hit a remember when I was about 8-year-old.
You enter your teens. There you find friends talking about  “Numb – by LP ” . First thing you did was reach home, and search for a download ( of course not a legal copy! 😛  )
And you downloaded the track. You put on the play button, and all you understood was…[long pause for the effects!]…NOTHING!
Yes! All you understand from those metal songs is nothing! Roaring, growling, rapping few words which you never catch without using some lyrics providing sites. BUT! You don’t stop listening to LP. Why? Because yet again your music grew. It never mattered if you understood a word in the heavy tracks, but it was the new thing in! Guess what? Peer pressure also introduces to new music! It’s not that bad after all!
Seasons changed, and the school time love-of-your-life appeared in front of you! And suddenly your ears got irritated at the rash hard death metal they were accustomed to all their teenage! From thin air, “When you say nothing at all – Ronan Keating ” played! And yes, again the music grew mature-rer ( if that is a word in English)! For the first six or seven months, all your iPod played was tracks from all the Keatings and Enriques and Blues and the GooGoo Dolls!
Then things start getting usual! You get casual with your girlfriend and the new feeling is no more. By the time you have reached 18 years or so. Rapping, in the terms of music! The next thing in for your earphones! Loud base, fast words, swinging tunes that make you beat-box yourself! iPods are then updated with Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Eminem!
Another few years and the old age starts for the music!
The ears lose their strength to heavy music. The heart is no longer flowing along with “When you look me in the eyes – Jonas Bros ” . Brain ain’t able to beat with the hip-hop!
Guess what now? Times for classics! Mozart  walks out of grave and enters your music system and the Daily Times in your hands on the rocking chair…
Music grew up with you! But it never dies… It stays with the generations yet to come. To accompany them and walk them through the lanes of life!

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. ”
Aldous Huxley

Okay! Now I gotta go for my lunch!
See you guys!
Take care and stay musical!
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