What keeps YOU going?

I should be studying right now as I have mathematically 24 hours and 30 minutes and humanly just 8 hours to study for my exam. That’s a calculation one would never want. But somehow I still live with it.Anyway, so here is a list of things that I experience on and off  and I want to share with you! Tell me how many of you found at least one common thing and made you smile!

1. The one minute extra sleep in the morning when you know you need to get up.
2. The hot and cold feeling in winters under the sheets.
3. The first glass of water when you reach home after a run.
4. The smile of the little baby, who travels with you in the same bus / metro train, which makes you smile and forget the long day at work.
5. The Rs.5 you saved by not purchasing the bus ticket.
6. The pee you take before going to bed.
7. The longest burp you take after a big feasty meal.
8. The touch of someone close to you and the feel of another warm skin when all you needed was that and not lectures on how to live from others.
9. The patch-up you have after a huge fight with your partner.
10. The best shopping deal you make that no one else could.
11. The curling of your baby sister’s all fingers around your one finger and gently sleeping away with it.
12. The crackle of bones in your hands after a long and tough exam.
13. The sound of silence at 2 in the night when everyone is sleeping.
14. The immense feeling of success when the weighing machine shows 1 kilogram lesser than before (for some of us, like me, even 100 grams make me proud).
15. The one hug you waited the whole day, or week for, finally arrives at your doorstep.
16. The family discussions on Life Insurances, new properties / car, bua ki beti ka affair, neighbour’s son’s promotion and salary raise.
17. The first blow of air conditioner on your sweating forehead after day under the harsh sun.
18. The giggle inside tummy when the person in front of you inside the bus sneakily farts.
19. The shoplift thrill with your best friends or the examination paper leaking for your best friends poor subject.
20. The one gadget you always wanted arrives your doorstep!
22. The free pizza when you used that Domino’s coupon!
23. The one piece of dress you wanted in there on display at Sarojini Nagar, and guess what? 150 bucks only!
24. The touch of lips against your skin my any on of the following – mother, girlfriend, that little baby sister or rare but still, father!
25. And finally, the straightening of your back when you end the day with hard word and “few unsaid things you do if you’re adult”.

So what do we have in common? 🙂
Share your “how you keep going” moment below in comments!

Buh bye!
Prabhas Tiwari


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