Tears Of A Stranger

Right now I am going towards my bus stand to catch that one bus which will directly drop me to the college gates, literally. And i cant really miss this, otherwise it will be a 2 hour long break journey.
But there is something more concerning on my mind right now. Just few minutes back, as I walked past the Hyatt Regency, I heard someone sobbing. A bit alarmed and a bit curious, i shook my head left and right to look out for the epicentre of these tremours in the voice. And there was a guy sitting on the foot path, crying really hard.
So, I tell myself now, that this must be one of those shams when you try to sympathize with the crying person and he/she goes on to ask money for travel and food and tea and drink and whatnot!
I simply ignored and walked on.
Caught my bus. Hopped on.
As i reach Siri Fort auditorium now, the glimpses of that crying man are starting to disturb me a little.
I now recall and infer a lot about the incident.

The man was not some minor age old notorius liar. He must be a 30-35 year old grown up man. Wheatish skin. 5’6 height I guess. And the first thought thats coming to me is what if the man was not faking it?
Meanwhile the bus conductor calls me out to give my balance 45 rupees as I enter the GK 2 market and the next glimpse hits me.
The man was having a laptop bag on top of which he had a white colour Blackberry mobile phone and probably one of those Samsung S series phones. Dont ask me how I know this! I happen to be  crazy lover of gadgets.
Blackberry’s are usually those heavy duty, brick-cum-cellular phones which can be excellent replacement to pepper sprays. I might be exaggerating, but that is simply because of my disliking for the brand and its product.

Anyway, so it means that this man was not crying over money.

And it is starting to bother me more now. I could have atleast talked to him. Tried to calm him down. There is no harm in being someone’s angel, is there?
I could have..oh shoot! Just 10 minutes from Hyatt hotel, there are India’s two biggest health care centres – AIIMS and Safdurjung hospital. What if he lost…?

No no no. Thats not what happened.
I pray not.

It is really sad that today there is an endless count of people who take your honestly and heart for granted. People fake all the time, selfishly. They decieve. They lie. And thus, we all have lost faith in humanity and fail to come up and help some one who looks like in need.

Because of the liars, the people who are really pained, who really need someone to talk them, to sympathise them, to cheer them up, they are left ignored being counted as one of those many cheats.

I really hope this man whom i saw today, gains his strength. And whatever pain he has, goes away.

And with a heavy heart, i am climbing down the bus, reaching Alaknanda.


3 thoughts on “Tears Of A Stranger

  1. Good work! A vry apt thing to observe and bring up.
    How true that we all have lost faith in humanity today! We all are living with this constant fear of being deceived or fooled. Bt do we realize how insensitive we are becoming in this process. Our situation is really lamentable!


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