Nothing Seems Right, Yet Everything Bright

Times when you think nothing is right,
Turn on the light, look around, its all bright.
The things of past, will hang on, will go never,
But does that mean, you live on that past forever?
I know its hard to move on, and think things ahead,
But I try telling myself, move on, even write in in my head.
Whatever happened, happened for it had to happen,
Its like a war each day, for which my weapons I sharpen.
I tell myself, its high time, war time is over, its time for peace,
But at the nights, when the thoughts override me, I go weak on my knees.
I need her, I want her, I agree, I accept,
But after what happened, to fall down? I reject.
I want to grow up, to break free, from everything that hurts,
And chuck the memories of all the experiences, and all the “firsts”.
I want to develop myself, learn the art of getting by,
Move one, without the drugs, without getting high.
There are moments when I think nothing is right,
I wait for the morning, for the sun so bright.


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