At The Maternity Ward!

No one ever likes a hospital. The most dull, depressing place full of misery. However, there is one part of the hospital, that I would love to visit, any day, any time. Yes I know you read it from the title, it is the maternity ward. Before you make any assumptions about my mental status, let me point out why!

A maternity ward, I believe, is that wonderful place where the entire life begins. It is a place full of positive energies. A place where there is hope. A place where life actually gets awakened.

We remember all our firsts. Our first crushes. Our first loves. The first kisses and the firsts what not. But what we never remember is the first time we get to see our God, our parents. Maternity ward is that place where a child sees the ones who will now protect him for the rest of his life, for the very first time. And ironically, it is the one place that we will never be able to recall in our entire lives.

For me, being at the ward gives immense pleasure, a feeling of euphoria. It is the one place where you will see a father have wet eyes. It is that one place, where a woman cries out in plain and yet feels the most blessed soul in the world. Two families do not know each other one bit, yet they get connected so easily, because of their little babies. In fact, they even start discussing the names. And then there are families who are a bit extreme, and start making plans for the little angel’s career! Maternity ward is that place where I see a child gets to have his first touch. His first hug and his first kiss. Those tender little fingers, that curl around your one giant finger. That tiny little eye that tries to watch the huge world around. That cute little yawn that brings your entire world to halt. Those little shrieks that make you laugh. Hinduism says souls can neither be created, nor be destroyed. But I differ from this belief. I believe maternity ward is that one place where souls are created, lives are created, and future starts writing itself. The feeling of holding a life, that is less than a kilogram, in your very own hands, is the mot precious feeling. It is the first time we all feel the warmth of our mothers chest. That first touch creates an immortal connection to the one who suffered 9 months of trouble and pain, to bring you to life.

So for me, life begins at a maternity ward. And the reason why I wrote this blog today, is  I might have to visit the maternity ward very soon this year to meet my new cousin sister/brother, and god do I hope for a sister! And the very thought of holding the little baby gives me shivers and shakes and smiles and bliss, all at the same time.


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