Embrace It As It Comes…

“Ho!” cried the captain, “Aye” yelled the sailor,
I stood up, broke my cuffs, and walked out of my trailer.
It was hustle all around, the cop had caught a traitor,
“Do you need help sir?” shouted the gaily tailor!

It was the decision that took the ages,
To leave all behind like the sages.
Peace is what I want,
Not the luxury, not the high wages.

The sky was blue, and the sun had shone,
I twitched my forehead, and before I knew, I was reborn.
As I was numb, the vintage blew its horn,
Brought me back to present, got me out of my mourn.

The nights used to haunt me, made me cry each dawn,
But I had to wake up, forget it all in a yawn.
There are days ahead of me, new experiences to be worn,
Since the ones I am wearing, are already torn.

So, I called out for that tailor, asked him if he can help,
The old man explained, “Travel on your journey, without no help”
I couldn’t reply, in my mind a weak yelp,
He gave his card, name, Timothy Shelp.

The siren was blown, the ship was about to leave,
I had my cold feet, but I knew I had to believe.
Have faith that post this journey, all the pain shall relieve,
I jumped on board, closed my eyes tight, and took a sigh of heave.

The first night was so hard, barely slept at all,
There were demons haunting me, and some scary soul.

I woke, I drank, and cried like a baby,
The heart did get tad light, before it was heavy.

Weather changed, moisture was evident,
Sailors were working hard, but all were spent.

Hours stopped, Gods watched, as I fought the ferocious storm,
Arms and brain busy, but the heart missed the home.

It happened so quickly, don’t know what occurred,
Storm wont go, and there were wounds that I suffered.

The journey was never going to be easy, for that’s how is life,
So to protect myself, I carried a gun, and sharp knife.

But when the Gods come to take your test,
Nothing much you can do, even if you’re the best.

I showed my strength, I fought with my power,
But the clouds won’t go, always they’d hover.

Finally I gave up, embraced it as it came,
Suddenly the clouds vanished, wind whispered my name.

It said son! Strength is not in your arms, it’s what you have within,
Was I dead, was it the God, or is it my pappy, 360 degree I did spin.

I mumbled, I jumbled, I stumbled and I crumbled,
Said some words, passed out, but it was all fumbled.

Next few hours, waves carried me to a new town,
I was unconscious, the sailors must’ve saved me, didn’t let me drown.

I was wearing a new rag,
Must be the sailors’ gag.
I searched for my bag,
Who took my stuff? Some ugly hag?

Days passed at the land unknown,
I could walk again, healed bone by bone.

I feel better, and fresher inside me,
There is a hope, for every lock there is a key.

There are birds that wake me now,
And I do get up somehow.

There are changes in me I feel,
I have started looking up, no longer kneel.

I walk through the woods, discover who I am, learn something each day,
I love the beauty around me, watch the horses eating the hay.

This doesn’t have an end yet, there is so much distance I need to walk,
Timothy Shelp was right, journey is mine, I need to fly like a hawk.


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