Much Needed Sleep…

I cover my head with the sheets of thoughts,
Thoughts that help me fly far off.
I lay my head on the pillow of dreams,
Dreams that take me to a trough.


I sleep, I doze, I lay on the couch,
It keeps my mind on the far off land.
Some land where no one knows who I am,
Where there is warmth in plenty, and food no bland.


It’s amazing how the mind plays tricks on me,
Makes me experience things that amaze.
Keeps me safe from the things I hate,
Puts memories behind like people in haze.


It’s easier for me to live this way,
Live in a bubble I create within.
No trouble, no haste, no pressure to succumb,
Could be Paris, Italy, or even Berlin!


The bed-sheet of streams of water so pure,
Water where I can swim in so deep.
Depth where exists a world so different,
So different so peaceful, no workloads’ heap.


I turn the lights off to keep it dark,
‘Cause darkness brings out things from you.
Things that you can’t ponder upon in light,
Some smiles, some grins or in the eyes some dew.


My eyes and my head hurts today,
Hurts, for I’ve been up for far too long.
It’s time for me to lay back and sleep,
For tomorrow is another song.


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