24 Hours Of Perfection!

How could a perfect day be like? Did you ever wonder?
Will it be a sunny day, or should it be rains with some thunder?

The perfect twenty four hours is everyone’s dream,
When the waitress serves free brownie with loads of cream.

Will it be a day when the rain drops hit you on your pretty face?
After drenching and dancing, a night with wife besides the fire place?

A perfect day might change your old fidgety grumpy stout boss,
Either he showers love, retires, or fired, whatever, it’s definitely no loss!

A great day might start with a hot cuppa by your bed,
When your mom or your better half, ruffles through your head!

After that cup of coffee, the drops of water flow down your back,
Might own a Jacuzzi, or just a bucket with a tiny crack!

When you sit in your car to drive to your office,
You smile! Why? Your fuel tank is full you notice!

When you ignite the engine, your car roars like your spirit,
You find no traffic on the road, a perfect day is implicit!

Perfect day might not throw a big pay cheque at your end,
It’s a day with smile, and grin, and warmth, everything in perfect blend.

A baby, in the vehicle besides yours, might smile,
You make funny faces, put tongues out, look stupid for a while!

It’s a day when you meet your old long lost friends,
Share a few drinks, discuss the new trends.

You might even get a call from home, during the working hour,
Your love tries to seduce you while taking a hot shower!

The best moment of the day might be when you come from the heat,
You take a sip of chilled water. That bliss, nothing can beat.

The perfect twenty four hours could have a long nap on your couch,
All peaceful and calm and easy. Nothing to do with grouch.

It’s one utopian day when everything is beautiful,
After the thanksgiving turkey, your tummy is full!


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