No Title.

The reason why there is no title for this post is because that is exactly how life seems to be at this point of time.
Past 6 months? They have ridiculed me, tortured me, just few gestures of happiness. Its all been a crime.

May ’13. As soon as the month ended, life took a wrong turn. Things changed. A lot. I swear,  ’twas a bad turn.
First, a 3 and half year love ended in 3 hours. Then grandfather to whom I gave blood, ended up in an urn.

Things were a mess, plenty of stress, things became intense. When to make it worse, health went down.
Had an accident. Displaced 3 discs from spine. Pills became pals. Face now always has a frown.

But good was there, not far away. Recieved my scores from the university. Oh yes it was good.
However, the one person I wanted to share it with, wasn’t there. Everything went down under hood.

I need to thank one person here. My teacher. Whom I met after more than half a decade, she is the closest friend now.
Handling me. Taking drinks away from hands. Bringing me back to life. Its only fate, otherwise after 6 years, I met her how?

Things were finally getting better, it felt the pain was going to fade away really soon.
Until just 2 days back, my best friend had to leave me. Issues. Now everything looks like a prune.

There is anger inside. There is pain. There is fire. There is so much more angst. Nothing is at peace.
I guess this is life. It gives happiness. It gives laughter. But for that to come, there is this fees.

Luck seems to have gone away since May ‘ 2013. 6 months have been a hell.
Waiting eagerly for 2014. Waiting to hear the Christmas. The  jingle bell.


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