Fight Of A Candle

I was young, future seemed far, so far,
I was young, and the future was far.
Things were simple, and life was a bliss,
No fire to light me up, just my lover’s kiss.
I was okay, I was alright,
Closed my eyes, each ‘n’ every night.

I was young, and the future seemed far,
I was simple, easy, ‘n’ future seemed far.

But one bad spark lit fire in my world,
My hair caught fire, my hair that were curled.
The future had come, it was never too far,
I was never too young, and this was a war.

The wax on my body started falling down,
There was fire everywhere, all over my town.
My friends and my love, were all taken away,
Hit hard, unconscious for days on the path, I lay.

Today I stand here in cold winter, with a poor man,
No knowledge whatsoever about the rest of my clan.
Nights have faded, but the fire in me, that still exists,
Melts every drop of my body, make my body get twists.

My future is now, so give me reasons to believe,
To stay awake while my fire dims, I begin to grieve.
What can a candle fight, its just a candle of wax,
Candle that keeps the poor man up. But itself vanishes in blacks.

Give me reason to believe, that my fight wasn’t in vain,
That the poor man shall live happy, and not in cold nights,not in pain.
Future became present, present turned into past,
I was young, life was easy, but a candle dies fast.

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