Not a Valentine’s Day Poem

I sip the fifth coffee of this morning. It is seethe.
The vapour coming from the cup touches my cheek.
Makes my skin pores open up, face starts to breathe.
Chances of the infant sunlight to fight clouds is bleak.

The rain drop sits comfortably on the front glass.
I don’t turn on wiper, let it sleep and rest for longer.
It is fat, all so watery. Opacity of windshield it has.
But as the time moves, sunlight gets stronger.

There. Right there. It is there. Infront of us all.
I turn around happily, hoping someone saw it too.
The sunlight pierced the cloud. On the soil it will fall.
But not one person cared. Everyone has “work” to do.

It’s a shame, how people selling hearts roses and flowers,
And people buying them all, together, to show their love,
Do not have the time or ability to  love what nature showers.
Just now, a miracle took place. No one saw it. Its money they shove.

I ignite the engine, break the water droplets sleep. I feel the luckiest, as only I got the chance to feel. The rampage of rain, the dribbles of drops, the whistle of wind and the sound of silences. I fall in love, each day, each moment, with some magic around me. The magic could be as small as the sunlight who got to break out of the clouds, or as big as a woman, somewhere, sometime, somehow, in this huge planet, reads this, and shares the same love with me. The thing is, you will never know when the magic is happening. It is a process. It is a belief. That the big guy up there, is one hell of a trickster.

Take care. Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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