The Night That Whispered…

I waited for nights… Every night.
Skies to turn darker.
Winds to get colder.
Moon to get brighter.
World to get quieter.
So that my head could get louder. My thoughts could get fiercer. My chest could get heavier. And my throat could choke sharper.

Questions. No answers. Paths. No pedals. Skies. No heavens. Dark inside. Only ravens.

The winds whispered. Whispered through the curls. Those long curly curls of my hair. Shame. It got entangled there. It tried to yell. But it was a whisper, very well.

One strange night, it knocked the door, one fine night.

Moon bright, wind cold, thoughts loud, not timid, but bold.
But this time the thought took a turn.
The baby bird tries to fly. The crippled boy tries to walk. What was I doing with myself? When the whispers gave a knock.

That was the whisper. That was entangled in curls and was losing life for months. I grabbed the blade, shaved off the hair at once. Air came in. Breath got it. The whisper got life. I threw away the sharp knife.

I sat with the whisper, on the night that followed.
She asked me, “darling, what is it? That made you so.. So hollowed?”
I replied, “i dreamt. I guess. I dreamt a lot. I am sorry. I am at a loss.”
She said, “its time for you to look at the mirror. Not many scars. Maybe just a little on the jaws”

She took my hand. Rested it on her face. Held me to herself. An angel. The Lords grace.

“The true you is not how they define. The true you is not how they project. The true you is not how they score.
It is you. You. How you see, define, project and score.”

“Lord gave a life. A hundred years. To paint your own canvas. To play with colours of your choice.
He threw you brushes, nature, paints. Everything to rejoice.”

” Look at that star.” She pointed one to me..right there. Near the moon.
“100 years. We all land up there. Later. Or soon.”

Shiver through my spine, I looked away.
“Don’t get disheartened. With me, please stay?”

How could i not stay. The voice so pretty. The tone like a tonic. It brushed its lips on my ears. Beautiful a whisper, how ironic.

“The ones who enter your life, shall enter some others too. Don’t get disheartened. Yours is due. How monotonous would that be? If you lived life with 4 people around? Go live. Life. With many lovers to surround. It is just one, the Lord gave, as far as I know. Go pluck flowers, lick timber, or catch the snow!”

Staring into the infinite until now I was. With a smile, i turned to look at her, “wait!!! You are disappearing! Don’t go!” I cried, “don’t go. Stay for a while!!”

She looked at me. Pressed her lips on my cheek.
“Its on you how you keep me. A tear on this cheek? Or a bright a smile.”


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