A small dedication to all my favourites! Happy teachers day!

When I learned a few words, when I took the first walk,
You were there to help me run, you were there to help me talk.

When I was a little clay, shapeless, and needed someone to hold,
You were there to mould, to coat this rusted iron with your gold.

When I felt I was no good, when I felt I couldn’t,
You had faith in me, give up on me, you wouldn’t.

Art math science history, my buckets were all empty,
Selflessly you raised you buckets, poured all knowledge in plenty.

Today I can talk, today I can walk, I do have a shape, and I do know my theorems,
But each bit of me reflects the efforts you put in me, no words can thank you, nor any poems.

You have been a friend, a mother, a father, and a mentor. You have been my TEACHER.


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