A Shield of Lies

He thought he recovered,
From injuries that he suffered.
But little did he know,
The next set of aches had buffered.

It had been months since he drank,
Into the routines he sank.
But he had no clue,
Drinking her from the glass, about which he was blank.

In human age, years had flown past,
Flags of peace on the mast.
But emotions would flood him,
Love, tremble, smile, shake, and aghast

She wants him to let go and walk ahead,
How can he, when all he sees is her besides on his bed?
But lovers became strangers somehow,
Will they, wont they, would they, someday wed?

He looks into his pocket, he ran out of smoke,
Asks for company to some new office bloke.
But scared that he would crumble,
Because now his feelings were reduced to a joke.

His test continues still,
He takes it, with all his will.
Because faith and love is all he got,
Sweep her off her feet, that he shall, and that he will.


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