For far too long…

You are a storm. A strong one. One which can take things away.
But I have been a boulder for far too long. Lift me as you come.

You are a change. Change that can move realms and planets.
But I have been cold. Winter. For far too long. Make me summer.

Your voice is soft. Soft like a pillow to a wanderer who hasnt slept.
And I am a thorn. Rough and in agony for far too long. Help me sleep.

You are north. I am south. You are east. I am west.
You are complete and I have been empty, for far too long.

You are water, I am ice. You are doplets, I am smoke.
You are the puzzle that I have been fixated on for far too long.

This is day number 108 since I gave you my heart. Since it stopped beating. But it already feels like it belongs to you now. Like it’s been yours for far too long.


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