When I’ll be gone…

Don’t try to wake me up, when I am gone.
Don’t try to shake me up, on the last of my dawn.

I would have passed through the tunnel of light,
Don’t call me back, beating my chest with your might.

I was here for a reason & don’t know if I succeeded,
But I tried. Tried my best. Put in everything it needed.

On the last dusk of my era, just be around,
Don’t hide away in tears. I would need your aura to surround.

I might not have earned a name. Nor might have any fame.
But one thing I did best was to love you. It was true. Not a game.

In those last 60 minutes, tell me who I was, what I meant,
Speak of our good times. The shooting stars, the camps and the tent.

When my final hour arrives, kiss me for it would be the last one,
But don’t say goodbye. I will be gone to another realm. To do the undone.

On my final seconds, now, I might look scared and in pain,
It is the fear of the unknown and grief. Pray not in disdain.

As I depart now, I am old now. I am cold now. Carry me to my grave in our lawn.
Don’t put a tombstone. Setup a milestone that reads In Love Forever. Even when he is gone…


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