The one where I am the Batman.

So finally sanity has bid adieu to me.
Woke up today from a bizzare dream.
Dream where I am Batman. Kung-fu-ing the shit outta Joker with iron rods. I know what the usual belief is: “you dream whatever is your recent memory or something that you saw, maybe on TV.”
But then I don’t remember driving the bat-mobile off late. Oh and yes. Haven’t watched any Bat-flick either.
Boy did I have some crazy kick-ass moves. Heath Ledger had definitely hadn’t expected such a thrashing. Also, I guess it’s the bat suit that suddenly makes your voice hoarse. Because normally, I have a very weird embarrasing voice. But the moment I had the black cape on with the male hijaab and two pointy ears, the hoarse voice. Kaboom.

So that’s that then. Superhero dream. I definitely need some coffee, and some sleep (coffee and sleep in the same sentence. Now that cant be good, can it?).

Signing off.
Gotham needs its bat.


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