Imagination and meditation

I decided to walk that misty and dark road i came across while i was walking along the woods in Nainital. In one look it seemed scary for i had heard of all those horror stories from my grandfather in my childhood. Nevertheless i decided to enter these terrifying mists and look into the other side.

I had walked not more than 200 meters that i witnessed a strange white light walking by my side. Trust me i would have screamed but to my surprise i felt a peculiar peace and joy in my heart. I was a bit scared or rather skeptical about it and was looking at it with my peripheral vision and see what exactly it was.

Suddenly it started throwing bulb shaped light in front of me with the great speed. I wondered if it were going to kidnap me but i was thrilled to see what followed next.

The whole scene was perfect heaven like and despite the heavy mists i could clearly see everything around me as there was so much light. There were beautiful waterfalls on one side of the road. I thought there was nothing on either side of the road but i was amazed to look at the awesome scenery. The giant waterfall was producing an enchanting  scent as its mighty blue waters fell down the cliff. I started to marvel at this beautiful scent. It captured my imagination and i started to feel very light in my heart and mind.

The white light figure asked me to keep walking. Yes! Now it was talking and its voice was sweeter than any lady’s and commanding than any general’s. I followed the way it showed and suddenly there were sounds of an instrument i had immense love for. It was a ‘Damroo”.

I started walking faster to reach the source of this heavenly music.

We reached at a very giant gate all covered with snow and roots of Banyan tree. I could hear the music clearly now making me desperate to see who was playing it. I asked the light figure to let me pass through this gate. I was not afraid of it anymore; i felt it was my friend and protector. He laughed and said very well!

I entered the gate and i noticed there was something different about the surroundings. The air i was breathing carried this music and started to play in my heart too. I could feel the vibrations in every cell.

The figure asked me if i would like to rest here. I was quick to ask him if there is more beautiful a place than this and he laughed again. Shiva is waiting was his response to my childlike attitude.

Hearing the name of Shiva  broke all the enchantments of this place and i realised where i was. I opened my eyes slowly feeling drugged with bliss.


I realised it was a deep meditation session and i just smiled and chanted ‘om namah shivaye’


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