Time is a very strange subject of thought and discussion. It has been so for time immemorial itself and probably will continue to do so.

Most of you will even skip talking about time and its flow saying that you don’t have time for it. Ironic it is, isn’t it?

Time, in my perspective, is a thread like energy structure entangled in a very complex way with other dimensions of our universe. Time originates with thought. As long as thought remains time will exist for you. That is why in spirituality there is so much stress over becoming thoughtless.

Achieving a Thoughtless state doesn’t mean you have become immortal. It merely bestows upon you the power to understand things without any bounds. Knowledge is infinite only if you can reach to that level of being free from threads of the time. Thoughtlessness saves you from the worries of past,present and future and thus making you capable of exploring what lies beyond time.

Time is an illusion is what most yogis and philosophers quote. Well, i won’t completely agree with it because it becomes illusion in a metaphorical sense once you have fairly grasped it nature and flow. Time is a very real dimension of our existence and guards the amount of knowledge that can pass through it into our consciousness. That is why knowledge is often portrayed dependent upon experience whereas there are many whose knowledge and intelligence surpass their chronological ages.


So much for time now. It takes time to think and even more to write.

Isn’t it? 😉



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