City Lights

The stars have come down to Earth
The city lights have blinded my sight
The whooshing cars, their bright headlamps
Make me wonder, if I can ever see the stars again

We have progressed, oh surely we have!
We have moved ahead, moved far ahead
But what keeps us held down to life anymore?
There are no stars above. Just the city lights below

We have colours, but fake
We have air, but conditioned
We have water, but bottled
We have emotions, but hurt

Where have the fire-flies gone
That lit up my nights in my kitchen garden
Where are the coo-coo birds
The ones that always flew above my head and danced wherever I went

I don’t question, if our nights are bright or not
But then these are just city lights
Not that of the fire-flies or the stars above
All we are left with is a moon above our heads,
I hope our city lights don’t dim the pale moon above our heads…


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