I came out of my room and sat by the window. Something was unusual today. I was lost into some thoughts. No matter how much I tried, I still couldn’t trace them to their origin! And then a gentle breeze blew around me. What a refreshing touch of this air!

I feel new energy flowing. I decided to go out. Packed myself to keep me from catching cold, I stepped foot on the fresh snow outside. It was soft. I look around and I wonder if it’s for real. I am on Himalayas I guess. There are Snow laden peaks, still no fear of frost bite. I think I am dreaming.

But there is air I can feel it, the softness in its sound it makes when flowing past me, I am sure it’s real. So I walk forth to explore my new haven. I hear a waterfall not far from where I am and I decided to walk up there. On my way I smell beautiful fragrance, I am sure it is not from around this planet. Whatever, I don’t feel like using rationals. So I just keep flowing with it.

If there is heaven then this haven has got to be it. I can now see the waterfall; it is quite small and ends up in a small creek. Suddenly I am up in the air. A well thousand feet above ground and I see everything clearly now. That creek seems like a big blue sapphire from this height. I know not how am I suspended so high, but I trust the nature around me to protect me. So I surrender. I feel relaxed now in the tender and delicate bed as it seems. I look above and a girl smiles at me. I am startled. She is huge but her beauty can’t be expressed. Its beyond and I feel a subtle affection for her. It seemed beyond motherly love yet carries immense respect. I just want to lie forever on that bed of her cupped hands. It’s like I am inside a womb. She keeps on showering her love through her eyes, beautifully shaped, I get lost into them. I want to get lost into them. I do not feel myself; the ‘I’ is gone now. I surrendered to her.

Suddenly a raindrop falls on my forehead. And I wake up. I look around; I am on the roof sitting all by myself. I realize the coffee has fallen a victim of newton’s law cooling. Who cares? I wonder where I was before that drop woke me up.

And I realize I just came out from a reality into a dream.


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