Amazing conversations

I have always been amazed at how conversation and communication takes form when there are more than four people at one place.

There has to be one or two guys in a group that will no matter how awkward they might sound but nevertheless will still speak. It is like they have some chemical reaction brewing up in their vocal chords without the help of their brains and they just won’t care about the  fumes and effervescence choking other people’s senses of sanity around them.

I have been through numerous such occasions where I literally went into questioning God if he made so mean that I am unable to appreciate his creations like these. Well, for a guy who likes to talk less and only meaningful discussions, why would he be interested in discussing random strangers and their possible relationships,Domino’s charging for that damn ketchup,discussions about ongoing T.V. crap or why the hell did this stranger’s strange neighbors act so strange with him!

I can’t answer this for you but let me be honest, I will talk to you over this only if I have nothing to talk about and more than that to prevent my silent presence offending you!

I am sleepy now..god know why the pizzas are tasting different these days. Probably Mr. Khandelwal’s son is double timing making me sick about the hike in cigarette rates. Aloha!


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