Animal Inside

 I am an animal..


But I have animal like instincts, we all have them but with the growth of civilization humans learnt to bury them deep and I guess that’s where we went wrong because we forgot to stay in tune with the nature. Animals stay in tune and so thrive with it. I agree that humans are of course different but we are not above nature. 

Accept it!
I realised this a long time back and brought my instincts up. I never showed them to anyone because I know not everyone can handle or accept me like that. I learned to control them inside me. 

I call myself a traveller but rarely do I go out because I want to do that inside myself and i do and am still learning it.

The animal inside me seeks freedom with every cell. It sometimes roars loudly but I hear a music, a beautiful one.  I want what I want and if I don’t get it, I feel like running away so far that I no longer have the longing left.

I feel love and bliss in my contemplations and  I want that feeling back when I am not an animal.

Love from anyone won’t help. It is like the animal inside me seeks it from specific people or a person and when I don’t get it, furious is the least of all expressions.I can’t force it I know but I can’t even wait for it. I won’t do anything crazy but a cold shoulder from me is not what anybody would want.

I am learning to feel unloved and isolated in the world because I guess that’s what is in my destiny and keeps me on my road. 

This animal is strange and doesn’t ask for revenge because I guess that’s what you call in tune with nature. You let go which is not meant for you. . .


Your words matter...

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