There are times when sun falls on your skin and you only see the light making you to notice the cells that make your hide but deep down its heat is burning you. 
You do not try to resist the burn, you only enjoy the light warm sensation on your hide and ignore the fire that is just beginning to crawl under your skin.

I find such an attitude unhealthy.

Something that shines in your life from outside is not necessarily lighting your inside too and you better be cautious about it. The darkest of the entities of the Kingdom of our gods are the ones that shine the most.
That feeling that crawls under your skin trying to dig deeper inside of you and reaching the softness of your heart slowly crumbling it within like all your emotions are being exposed at once and leaving you helpless to control all of them is the worst torture you can get from the very sunshine that you think is lighting your world.
Such sun like shines are like trees growing on the fertile ground of your heart. You will nurture them with the fresh lake of feelings of your heart, with the infinite amount of love that is your essential core and the nutrition of your quintessential time that is so precious that it inflates your ego upto a level that you fail to see whether you are spending it right!
That tree will shoot out from a sprout growing elegantly sucking your heart dry of everything making you ambitious and positive about its future but deep down you are beginning to doubt. You have started to grow the weeds of fear that are actually the signs that the tree you are nurturing for so long is making the ground of your heart infertile.
But your ego has boosted and you don’t want to accept what is so clear in sight. Fear grows and you start throwing the weedicides of false hopes and optimism to subjugate the fear and let the tree grow. 
Now the fear is dormant but not dead and now waits for the tree to show you the evil it is. When the time comes that fear will bring the flood of dismay and hopelessness and self pity to wipe that tree out of the ground. The flood will be so huge that everyone will see it as tears down your eyes. Atleast the darkness of your room will be with you, consoling you that even if the sunshine betrayed you I will never leave you. 
You begin to understand that what we thought of as light and shine was actually dark. 
A lesson to Remember but never stop because maybe amongst the false light of darkshines lie the moon of your life waiting for you to come under it’s shade. 
It will be you who has to make an effort to  see the moon and call it to come to you and never go away for you two were always destined to be together as 



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