Events happen in our lives sometimes so deep that when they become the reminiscence of past they tend to leave a scar on our faces from the inside.

Each one of us is scarred, that we can be sure of.
Even lord krishna was scarred for life when he came to know in his adolescence that his actual mother was a prisoner at some place.
We are made in the image of Gods and thus we are bound to pass through tides, high and low to test us at every stage and only when we are able to accept ourselves to the core that we begin to shine in our natural lustre.
Relations come as our social structure enhances. We tend to make new relations no matter how shallow or deep but each one mattered to us in its own intensity.

We generally remember the deeper ones and that’s where we sometimes fail to see that in those shallower ones lied the key to change the course of our destinies.
Humans are very simple species not complex as is the general norm. We have a heart and thus feelings, we have a mouth and thus words, we have a brain and thus thoughts, I don’t understand where lie does the complexity?
You either like or you don’t, you are either happy or sad, there us no midway! It is our inability to stand for ourselves that we tend to drop the needle in the haystack and then waste time in finding it again. 
It is our weakness to say exactly what we feel about someone or something. Deep down we all know which relations in our social structure are going to remain close with us. We just fail to accept it and thus waste precious moments of our lives.
Life doesn’t actually gives chances to anybody because there is nothing as such like that. It is us who create chances in our desperate attempt to make something real which we already know is not going to happen or is good for us. Thus starts an awful chain  reaction of those events in our lives that seem negative and we begin to crib about negativity affecting all our situations.


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