I didn’t mean to ever hurt you

But the dirt that you put me through

Makes me sick and puke

But don’t run bitch cuz I don’t wanna even spit on you!
Just remember the times I made you smile even when I didn’t tell you I was crying

All those hugs n kisses I see now that you were lying

But however or how much you shed a tear or heaviness you bear, be it known bitch I ain’t buying!
I know you loved me and I loved you too

If you think I didn’t then you a hoe pick-a-boo..

Open your eyes and mind and ear

We spent decades within a year

I can’t stop thinking why or how or where

Just Wanna move on and trust no bitch out there..
I sang and wrote and dance to the beats

Dafuq u did hoe you can’t even put down your two feet

I ain’t the cursing kind but I do swear

Got a ticket for you to hell..

No am no trippin’ to the heavens

Cuz am living my life full of  maidens..
Got money got smack, I make a puff

And there you go beaten and banged with them dawgs rough

Got no feels or chills or meals

Just being high on them words and the ship am sailing on the keel..

You got your boat rockin and fallin oh you fell..

Dont look at me hoe, your voice or shrills and shreaks rings no bell

Rough sails on life sea ?

just don’t look out for me you see

M gone long far afar broke apart

Them freaks say out loud ya name and it sounded like a fart..

Yuck it much don’t make a buck

Fuck you girl you ran outta luck..
Il end this with a line of courtesy

Don’t read or listen with ecstacy

You ain’t gettin no pride

Just get away be a bride and for life I curse ya you cry!

Over n out!


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