A beard enough experience

There is no doubt that life teaches you but sometimes your actions and choices also end up teaching you something significant. So it was August 2015 when I got fascinated by long beards and geared up to attain it . I thought it was not a big deal to do it as it’s gonna take only shit loads of laziness which I already had. But I was brutally wrong in this. Seriously. you get to spend a lot of money and time in salons and in hair products, which was unusual for me.

As I used to follow more of hipsters I thought of complementing my beard with long hair also so that I can end up with an undercut pomp kinda thing. So with this long messed up hair and eccentric beard, majority of the people around me started denunciating it. I have had this unusual habit of trying new things like piercing my eyebrows, making an explicit mark on eyebrow, a geometric design on the sideburns and a lot more. And every-time I got the similar kind of horrendous reaction. But these things were little temporary so the criticism didn’t last too long.

I grew my beard for almost around 400 days. I did not want to prove or learn anything, I just wanted to grow it. That’s it. But the experience made me learn something  (and laugh while writing this) . People used to come and enquire if everything is fine with my life. Comments on religion conversion and intoxication habits became as common as  Trump is in memes now a days. I used to have terrorist jokes in every meal. My beard used to be the ecosystem of all the microbes in this universe for the people around me. Not a single conversation went without it in these 400 days. I got even counseled by few people. My friends were afraid to present me to their parents. But I not at all got affected by these things. I just used to laugh at those things and some times feel pity on the people who used to relate my beard to Islam and hence carping it. Common man, grow up. Not all the muslims are bad. Don’t condemn a whole religion race just because of few assholes.


The thing which intrigued me was that it was only a period of few hundred days for me, but what about the people who undergo this kind of experience through out their lives. A lot many people including me show similar kind of behavior to the people whom we think have some or the other kind anomalies. It may be dark complexion, some extra pounds of weight, facial hair, being homosexual or anything.  I am sure many of my friends may have said those things in good humor and I took in that way. But not every one is good at adsorbing it.

Now I am gonna say something which has been told by hell lot of people since our childhood but since I have had a recent encounter with it so I am yelling it again. To all the unconventionally experimental people and the people portrayed as outliers by the world , do what you feel like.Trust me you are awesome. People will praise as well as criticism your normality and rareness. Don’t waste your time in making people understand it. Take it as good humor, because most of the people have good intention. If not, you can assume it. I still feel good that I had a beard which passed the second button of my shirt. Feel good about your identity and execute your ideas without worrying about the world (If and only if it is not destructive).

P.S There were many people who loved my beard as well as hair. Even I with few of my friends incepted a beard club also.


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