Where to find joy?

The world is running across all its length and breadth, through all the verticals, seeking guidance from every other self claimed or media crowned God Man, Guru or Yogi, for one single word, a single bouquet of emotions – for happiness.
We all are trying to find happiness in our own different ways, be it from a job that we dearly want, or a salary package that we think will suffice, or visiting shivirs where someone can teach us how to stay in bliss or by waking up at 5 to breath in and out infront of a television. But before running the rat race, did we really understand what happiness is? Unless we define what something is, how do we know the path to attain it?
It is like visiting a shop, and looking for something randomly. You might put plenty of stuff in your cart, without being sure what was it, that you really needed. In an attempt to put everything in the cart, you may or may not receive the product of real utility. Only, now, you have another additional task, to segregate the useful from the tons of useless.
Wouldn’t it be better to have the exact name of the utility, go to the exact aisle, pick only what you need, and Bill and get out?
Hence the need to understand what we seek arises. Happiness, joy, bliss – it all comes down to just one set of feeling, where you truly are at rest and alive full of energy at same point of time. You bodily functions are smooth and there is a serene calm feeling from within. A feeling from within, is the point to be taken home. Till we understand that the feeling of joy is from within, all the efforts put towards attaining it from external sources is futile.
The answer to the question, “what makes me happy?” Has always lied within. It is the system, the education system and the social laws around that have forced us to take the longer, tougher and pseudo intellectual path of Logic.
If I ask you, what is 4 times 8, would you reflexively reply with 32, or would you start adding 4 to itself for 8 times, to reach 32?
That’s is what logic is doing to us. For things to which we already know the answer to, we are seeking a formula, a derivation or an equation to reach to.
Coming back, I ask again, “what makes you happy?”. Take a moment right now. This very moment. Whatever that you are doing, at this very instant, is it keeping you in a comfortable state, or are you cringing while doing it.
For example, if you’re interacting with a person, is the conversation giving you a sense of development and a feeling of comfort, or is it keeping you in the edge of your seat, and a notion of running away far far away the moment he turns his back?
There it is. That’s your answer. But what is it actually that we are doing? Suppressing something that could keep us at peace, and rather, binding ourself to the uncomfortable situation. Now it might seem like a trivia. I mean, how is talking to this person for these 10 minutes going to hurt in the long run?
You need to understand that every action that we are creating is creating ripples. So by spending those pressurized moments, you have affected your spirit negatively. Now each subsequent hour, you continue to “adjust” , “compromise” or in other words “try to be logical and practical” you must understand that you are basically compromising with your own happiness.
So if you chose an option to sacrifice it, why do you seek the answer to how to be happy? While it’s that simple. Do what keeps you comfortable. So what really is adding to your joy. Stop the Bollywood act of sacrifices and the system hyped concept of taking the logical route for all answers.
So if you continue compromising with your pleasure, for subsequent hours, and weeks, weeks to months, and months to years, the mathematical function to this is not simply additive. It hold a multiplicative effect. The anti-joy rises exponentially. It hence takes a toll on not just your spirit, but starts showing on your body. Your poor state of health. Your sleep disorders. Insomnia, anxiety, and above all, the newly marketed business of depression.

Unless you choose what keeps you happy, how do you think you will be happy. A very simple technique that works for every situation is the famous flip the coin technique. You flip a coin, assigning two options to it. Head- option A, Tails – option B. Once you flip the coin, now no matter which side the coin lands, your inner self has given you the answer to what you really want.
Going by your intuition is perhaps going to be the happier choice. And going by which side the coin landed upon, is your logic speaking. Ironical, isn’t it? Putting your faith on a coin, and still calling it logical?