“Doctor, I am allergic to you!” – Le me.

An eight-year old's deciduous teeth.

Watching a broken heart is worse than watching a broken bone. Seeing a broken heart gives heartache to the person seeing him/her. Most of you might agree with me. But what if there are 100’s of broken people with 100’s of fractured bones? What if there are 60 year olds with a first second or even a third heart ache? What if you land up at a place with all the white dressed angels of god out there to repair these disfigured helpless souls? A place where people from lower section of society chewing “lal pan” leave a mark behind on the now-red walls? Where person moans and the family groans. And the visitor scares,”haww! Batao ghar baithe kya ho gaya!” H for haww- spit- hell.
Everyone hates to go to hospitals, so do I. But my hatred is beyond the normal person’s detest to visit a doctor. In childhood, I had a this weird tooth problem in all my milk teeth. My new teeth would grow up much before the milk tooth would even start loosening up. To most people this happens to 1 or 2 teeth, or even 3. But I had this thing for 5 milk teeth! So each time this would crop up, my parents would take me to the dental department of Safdurjung Hospital, leaving me behind wondering whats the problem with the second tooth? Isn’t it good that now I can chew more than 32 times? Anyway, that’s not how the world runs. So, I used to go to these dental departments to get my tooth plucked out by the middle-aged sadist lady with her own crooked teeth, looking into my mouth as if some gold mine is hidden and plucking the tooth out like the happiest and the craziest miner. The smell of the room would leave me nauseated. The people around throwing looks that throw keywords like,  “so-young-yet-at-dentist, new generation, carelessness”.
Then at the ages of 5 and 7, I had two accidents that fractured right leg at the same spot. And the orthopaedic department made me believe that there is, indeed a hell.
Since then I have been trying to evade the hospitals, however sick I might me, till it is too serious. In fact, a secret to share, while travelling in metro, I have to get down at AIIMS station, so I look for Gate number 4, which does not face AIIMS hospital, thus, not letting me face my fears!
Soda companies might very well say, “darr ke age jeet hai!” Thanks but no thanks. No soda drink can erase the childhood fears!