See you soon.

I am going to meet you up there, soon, oh believe you me, very soon.

I am going to ask you, why you screwed up, soon, yes, very soon.

You better have answers to why you thrust pain. Is it because of your small ego, everyone’s worship to gain?

Do you really think, you are getting away, from your own Karma? Do you really want to pull off your game, call it all Dharma?

With all your big words on love and peace and harmony, all fake, all just hollow. You really think you will enjoy your cushions in heaven, while grief is what I swallow?

The evil lives on. The devil dances infront of your eyes. What use are you of, witnessing all that’s happening? Have you got no shame? Seeing you silent on it all, is deafening.

I am going to meet you up there, soon, very soon.

You better have answers, why you screwed up, and made me look like a fool, a loon.


Dragons I Hide

The feeling sunk in, it cascaded over me,

As the rain drops hit my face, while I bled my knee.

My dragons picked me up, took me to the sky,

The mighty beast was flying high.

I rose up, stood on the dragons back,

Fought for my people, brought light from the black.

Never could fall down in their eyes,

Couldnt bear to hear their painful cries.


I had to let myself go,

To my family, I show,

There is no me in me,

Its we, who stick together, its we.