Day 1 : July 1 2015 #officediaries

Every time I pounce onto something new, some achievement, or if I meet someone new, I feel tremors deep into my skin till the bones. I am not really comfortable to new. New surroundings. However, it does not mean i am unwelcoming to new. It is like when you are a guest, and nachos with Mayo is served, you don’t jump into the servings at one go. Rather you take time, select single nacho, shyly refuse when asked to take more.

It just takes a little longer than most people to adjust to new.

1st of July was my first day at work, straight out of college. First job, an experience that is first of its kind. And God knows I was nervous to the core. I suddenly felt like a GIANT. A GIANT with giant feet, giant body. Huge. So huge that I needed to make my movements as noiseless as possible. And be as careful as possible, so that I didn’t break anything around me. Heck, I was minding every little footstep, as I suddenly felt so heavy that I might break the floors down, and bring the entire office building down to debris. It was my fourth glass of water within first 30 minutes of entering the building. And it wasn’t even hot, specially when I was sitting inside a centrally air conditioned premises. Each sip of a size of 200 ml, to ease down my breathing cycle.

And as if I was not nervous enough, the formal wear, and those leather shoes made it a point that there is no scope left for my embarrassment. The shoes! Oh god the shoes, they creaked, and made loud squishy noise while I was following my Human Resource executive through the entire building.

It was introduction time for the new duckling in the squad. I was walking around all the floors meeting new faces, new names and designations that you would only hear on the televisions! Who knows how long it took for the lady who was taking me around, to learn all those names!

All these feelings were wrapping and choking my throat, despite the fact that just across my room sat someone, more like an elder sister, who had known me since my childhood! I wonder how many mini strokes I would have already had, if she was not there to pass those casual smiles and small talks to keep me talking and ease off the nervousness.

I am pretty sure my soul was gasping for air, like when your swimming trainer forcefully puts your head down into the water, when you are new to waters.

While I was going through all these feelings, the time came, for the official professional uber pro tasks. Office ID that had an RF-ID chip to mark attendances, a mobile phone with a new mobile number for office business, a corner of the room which is now going to be my work space.

There is something I should tell you about this mobile phone. It is a Nokia, some primitive model. I can imagine the devilish laughter of the management when they would have picked these tiny little blue creatures, that have no SD card, no camera, no data connectivity, forget about the Bluetooth and an MP3 player. All it has is a FM Radio player, and just for some extra fun, no ear-phones!

Suddenly I feel my shirt pocket heavier. I took a look. It had 4 ball point pens, a handkerchief, the tiny mobile phone, and the ID card crying for help for some space of its own. What the hell was I doing with 4 pens!! I guess, being over precautions was what it was. For not looking like a klutz that I am.

The moment the clock struck 6 pm, that’s when I took my first full breath of the day! Phew! Day 1 over!


New Document.

Whenever I sit down on my laptop, usually there are many files open out in front of me. The unfinished business from previous night. The document files open, and the cursor still blinking in front of that last sentence.

I woke up on 1st July 2015, at an hour of the day I never thought I would be able to wake up at, 6 am. I rubbed my eyes, and blinked them for a couple of times, metaphorically, like the cursor at the end of the line. I wanted to hold on to that moment, for very soon, I would be starting on with a New Document in life.

Many times, there is a thick yet invisible line that parts you from your past and future. The present. The reason why this line is drawn thick, is because it is here, upon this line, that we take decisions, that shall leave marks, and blots that shall be visible in the future.

I was about to begin with my new document. But unlike every other day, when I chose to not go through the previously opened files, today I planned on visiting those words, one last time, before I started with the new beginning.

It is funny how when someone once meant the world to you, is now a stranger, in some other part of the world, and the face is no longer what you remember, only the moments shared is what lies behind. And then when you least expect it, when you are at an all time low, miracles happen and lift you up, and you find people who know your worth, and value your words. My studies of engineering were not just a 4 year course at a University, it was a journey, an experience, and more like a workshop on how to live life.

And now, just when I started getting comfortable with a lifestyle that gave me a new perspective and a feeling of joy in life, I need to move ahead with a new chapter. A career, job, and professionalism, they were waiting to pounce on to me like an excited pet.
Here I stood, on that line, on the fence that differentiated the green path that lied behind, and the unknown land, covered in mist, that I would need to walk on to ahead.

A start of the day, full of unsurety.

CRT v/s Others!

Mainnu toh byali (42) inch da LCD chai da! – Dadi from Vicky Donor!
Laughed like crazy at that scene,right?
But do you know what is LCD? Stop acting smart! I am not talking about the full form. Liquid Crystal Display. We all know that along with the commonly known fact that “sirji,the display screen contains some kind of a liquid that is giving us a crystal clear display”, according to Govind Singh, from the electronics shop at Sarojini Nagar.
Is the LCD really “crystal clear”? Is it really an advantage over the CRT TV’s (Cathode Ray Tube).
The answer is surprisingly no! Reading deeper into the matter, its was realized that LCD do not really give the “crystal clear” display as it is claimed by Mr.Govind Singh! LCD screens are not clearer than CRT screens.
The LCD monitors are only good regarding the size, electricity consumption and sleek designs.
If the factors are changed to viewing experience, the big old fellas, CRT monitors are far better. The big backside screens provide clearer viewing. The colour range is wider and the resolution they provide is much more intense. And this is not some shitty research! We can ourselves experience that. Simple experiment. On a simple cable tv, watch the same channel, by the same cable operator, on a CRT and on a LCD screen. The LCD will definitely fall back upon the resolution and would show pixellated  motions. Further, if you use Standard definition digital tv signals on CRT, the colours and resolution effects are so pronounced that it can compete with the HD TV on your LCD.
Further moving on to the LED’s. Now, here, LED’s win the battle for sure. LED’s win the battle by more natural and vivid on-screen viewing. Watching a cliff-diver fall down actually rumbles your stomach and leaves you back with a smile about the feel of it!
The only drawback with LED’s is the cost of making, the electricity bills and the effect on ecology by the colour films used(RGB).
But here is the savior to the above drawbacks! OLED! The new guy in the family of televisions is the Organic Light emitting Diodes! And by the name we know that anything organic is good! OLED provides better quality with a duty to save the nature! OLED’s are made up of organic RGB films which provide more active ions to produce more eminent light emission. Organic polymers like dendrimers and triphenyleamine is used as the charge carriers for the diode (in this case, the holes).
It must be noted that OLED is still under testing stages and one must not jump on to it,like any other beta phase technology. It has been  found out that out of the three colour films, the RGB, while red and green are more lasting ( approx. working 46,000 hours and 230,000 hours respectively), the blue film has a very short life-cycle of just 14,000 hours.

CRT compared to all the above technologies seem far better with no hassles about the life-cycle of the colour films, equally good quality and the net production cost. However, the bulky cathode ray tube makes it lose the battle in the times of nano-technology, thus losing the market!

I have had opportunity to experience all the above stats and I own LCD, CRT and TFT screens myself. Additions and rectifications are more than welcome coz I am just a novice myself!

— Prabhas Tiwari