Who You Are To Me

You are not just a day that goes by,

You are a complete book of emotions I write each time the clock strikes 12 twice.
You are not just the one I go for dinners,

You are the moments I store in heart to replay the nights that follow.
The holding hands is not just our fingers entwined,

Holding your hand means playing with the speed of my heart beats.
You are not just somebody I wait to see every day,

You are the coffee my lips need, a scene my eyes savour. A touch my skin wants.
In this lifetime of a turmoil and times of whirlpools,

You are the peace to my breath, that brings the calm in me.
You are the poem my hands write, you are the song that YOUR lips sang last night, the taste of the pasta your hands made, smell of you that I want to wear. You are more than just you.